Who can benefit from the CFTP Teens Strength & Conditioning Program? Everyone.

CrossFit can help develop athletes to get better at their respective sport, or if CrossFit is their main sport this class is for them. We focus mainly on proper movement patterns to develop strength, speed, and coordination. As you develop in our program you will see significant improvements in these areas. CrossFit TriPoint is the key to a healthy lifestyle and athletic dominance.

Arguably more important than the workouts is the development of character. Better people make better athletes. During these developmental years it’s important that our athletes have a championship mindset on and off the field, inside and outside of the gym. The workouts we program, the conversations we have, and the relationships we build all foster a sense of mental toughness- what are the obstacles in our way and how can we overcome them. Mental toughness is a skill that will lead to success well beyond the walls of our gym and remains a major cornerstone of our program.

Our Strength & Conditioning program is open to ages 11-18. If you are interested, or know someone who is, come on by for a free class today!