“CrossFit Tripoint is a place for a person at any age (I’m 46) at any fitness level (I can’t do pull-ups) with any knowledge of weight training (hint: clean and jerks don’t involve housework). Going to a new gym can be intimidating but the people at this gym greet you, the workouts look impossible but there’s this thing called “scaling” which means customize to your fitness ability and the terminology may sound confusing but there are coaches at every workout to give you personalized training. CrossFit Tripoint is a place to challenge yourself, become healthier and laugh a whole bunch while being surrounded by people who will motivate, coach and inspire you!


“They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”
— Dale Carnegie

My CrossFit adventure began the summer of 2015.  My sister had been trying to get me to come for quite a while and I finally obliged her on a ‘bring a friend’ day.  I still wasn’t ready to fully commit after that class (financially or with my time).  In August, my best friend asked me to do the ‘on-ramp’ class with her.  There’s been no looking back since.    Crossfit is my number one stress reliever.  I can have a terrible day at work and after an hour of working out and pushing myself to the limits, I feel incredible.  As a working mom, it is so nice to have something that I do just for me.  And I’ve realized that that doesn’t make me a selfish person.  It makes me a physically and mentally healthy individual and a role model for my daughter (who absolutely loves CrossFit kids).  I’m at the box four to five nights a week every week.  The progress I’ve made is amazing.  I started off, like most people, scaling every WOD – light weights, jumping pull-ups, knee raises, singles, etc.  After a year and a half in to my journey, I now RX about half of the workouts and I’ve become proficient at all the body weight/gymnastic movements including my first muscle-up.  As an added bonus, I lost about 15 pounds.  I attribute my progress and successes to the amazing CrossFit TriPoint community.   All of the athletes were so welcoming and kind.  They encourage you and support you, make you laugh and push themselves to the limit side by side with you.  That is something I’ve never experienced at any other gym.  Alex and all of the other coaches truly care and want to see you reach your goals.  Their passion for CrossFit and healthy living in general is immediately noticeable.  Whether it’s hitting a new movement, setting up a meal plan, or recovering from an injury, Alex is always available and willing to help.  I wouldn’t be in the shape I am now without Alex and the entire TriPoint community.  If anyone is looking to improve themselves both physically and mentally, I would highly recommend coming in for a class and experiencing what has become a second home and second family to me.